Sunrise Valley Ranch hopes you enjoy your stay and receive quality service.  We want you to find a breath of fresh air.  Providing friendly and professional services to our guests is top priority.   Sunrise Valley Ranch is a little slice of heaven off the beaten path and we want to share it with you.

Our Story

The lodge was built by the Fildes family.  They milled, set, and tended to every log and board throughout the building.  We catered to people with horses when we first opened.  People brought their own horses out to ride.  Last fall we put in the run way.  The response has been unbelievable.

Meet the Family

Sunrise Valley Ranch is family owned and operated.  It takes everyone helping out to make it work.
If one isn't in the kitchen helping, then they are helping watch children so the other can work in the kitchen.

Susan Fildes

Owner and lodge/kitchen help.

Matt &Jourdan

Matt runs the cattle and haying on SVR.  Jourdan helps in the kitchen.

Becky & Jadyn


Becky and Jadyn work in the kitchen.  Jadyn also helps watch kiddos so mom can  go cook.